All the important Association dates in 2018/2019 are shown below. Updates will be made if dates have to change or when new events are introduced

17th January Committee Meeting  Chester Road
30th January King's Anniversary  Town Hall
4th February Commemorative Evensong  St Mary's Church
11th April Committee Supper La Brasserie
18th April Committee Meeting

Chester Road

16th June Summer Barbecue  King Charles 1 School
11th July Committee Meeting  Chester Road
10th October Committee Meeting  Chester Road
12th October Autumn Event  Chester Road
24th October 104th Annual General Meeting  Chester Road
16th November Founders Day Service  St Mary's Church
17th November 108th Annual Dinner  King Charles 1 School
16th January Committee Meeting Chester Road
27th January Commemorative Evensong St Mary's Church
30th January King's Anniversary Town Hall
10th April Committee Supper La Brasserie
17th April Committee Meeting Chester Road
22nd June Summer Barbecue KC1 School
10th July Committee Meeting Chester Road
9th October Committee Meeting Chester Road
11th October Autumn Event Chester Road
23rd October 105th Annual General Meeting Chester Road
22nd November Founders Day Service St Mary's Church
23rd November Annual Dinner KC1 School