Distribution of the 2010 Old Carolian magazine to all fully paid-up members began on the 6th October.

Distribution of the 2010 Old Carolian Magazine

Posted on Tue 12 October 2010

This exercise involved several members of the committee tramping the streets of Kidderminster, Stourport and Bewdley putting envelopes through letter-boxes to avoid paying 81p postage for each one.  Experience gained in the school sixth form working on the Christmas post was probably invaluable to the success of the exercise!!

If you have not received your copy by the end of October will you please let the Association know by using the "Contact Us" section at the top of this website.

We are particularly keen to hear from 11 members for whom we have no address, usually because a previous magazine has been returned "not known at this address" by the Royal mail. They are:

W Bailey (left school in 1929)

Joseph Gallaway (1999)

J C Gardener (1954)

Peter Hewson (1962)

S D Lord (not known)

Peter Masters (1961)

B W Mountford (1938)

Lewis Owen (1987)

D G H Pearson (1952)

S Tyrer (not known)

Chris Reeley (1979)