Honorary Life Membership of the Association granted to John Longmore and to Martin Humphries.

Honorary Life Membership Awards

Posted on Mon 23 November 2009

Honorary life membership of the Association has been granted to John Longmore and to Martin Humphries in recognition of their outstanding services to the Association.

JOHN LONGMORE left the school in 1944.  In the 1950's he was a star cricket player for the Old Carolians being an aggressive batsman, spin bowler and occasional wicket-keeper.   He also featured in the 1st XV rugby team. One of John's many contributions to the Association was the specification and costing for the restoration of the Church Street club, a venue that was extremely popular with our members.

John believes he joined the Association in 1947.   In the footsteps of his father, Reginald Longmore who was President in 1953, John himself joined the Committee in 1972 and has continued as a committee member until now.   That's 62 years an Old Carolian and 37 years a member of the Committee!!   At the age of 82, John has now formally resigned from the Committee.

MARTIN HUMPHRIES left the school in 1956.  He first joined the Committee as Vice President in 1994 and became President in 1995.  At that time he was already a serving Governor of the school. He became Association Secretary in 1997, taking over from Peter Handley, and has successfully run the Association's annual dinners since then.

In 2000 Martin was the instigator and driving force behind the introduction of the Old Carolians website.  Also he developed the computerised membership database which has proved a great success in improving the administration and financial functions of the Committee, more especially as our membership numbers continue to increase.   In 2000 he was also responsible for organising the OCA Millennium commemoration to the School, which took the form of the wall sundial and the renovation of the grandfather clock which commemorated the Old Carolians who fell in the Great War.