The Association appoints a Governor of King Charles I School, Kidderminster.

School Governor Appointed

Posted on Thu 18 July 2002

The Governing Body at King Charles I School Kidderminster consists of about 20 Governors. There are a number of appointing bodies, including the Local Education Authority, the parents of pupils at the School, Staff etc., each of whom appoints a given number of Governors. Until recently Birmingham University was an appointing body for one Governor, but they have now withdrawn from that rôle. How they originally became involved is lost in the mists of time!

The Governors considered a number of organisations to replace the University as the appointing body, and at a meeting held on 6th February 2002, they resolved that the Old Carolians Association should be invited to act as that appointing body.

This invitation was welcomed by the Committee, and at a meeting held on 21st February, they proposed changing the Rules of the Association as outlined above.

The members attending  a Special General Meeting on 4th April 2002 voted unanimously to accept these changes. Click here to see the full Rules of the Association.

The implications for the Association are that, whilst Governors do not in any way represent the organisations that appoint them, a member of the Association will, in line with our existing stated objective (b), help to further the general interests of the School by being involved in its decision-making process. It will also raise the profile of the Association with other Governors and staff, and reinforce the relevance of the Association to the current School for potential and existing younger Members.

The Association is pleased to announce that the Committee at its Meeting on 18th July 2002 ratified the appointment of Pat Yarnold as its Appointed Governor of the School.

Pat is currently President of the Association and attended the School as a pupil, leaving in 1965. He also spent some 20 years as a teacher at the School until he took early retirement a couple of years ago. He now works part time at the School looking after pupils' work experience placements.

We are confident that Pat's insight and knowledge strenghtens the School's Governing Body.

Pat joined four other members of the Association as Governors of the School - Alan Neal (Vice Chairman), Martin Humphries, Beryl Bedford and Charles Combes.