The 105th Annual General Meeting of the Old Carolians Association, October 23rd 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting

On this occasion there was a mixture of the usual well established stalwarts, plus a healthy, and very welcome element of younger Members.  The President Arthur Miller was in the Chair, and after his welcome,  Apologies for absence were submitted and the Minutes of the 105th AGM held on October 24th 2018 were also approved.

The President  presented his Report on his year in Office.  He said the highlight of his year had been the Annual Dinner which he and his wife had enjoyed enormously.  He thanked Tim Gulliver for helping him with the organisation and for providing him with a list of does and don’ts.   At the Remembrance Ceremony  held in Woodfield Hall, he thought his Memorial Document had been well received.  He thanked Kerry and her team for preparing the Hall.  The tea and cakes were very welcome.  At the Evensong Service held in St. Mary’s Church, a former pupil had led the congregation on the Regicide and the King’s words had been used effectively.  The King’s Anniversary Ceremony in the Town Hall was well attended and Old Carolians had enjoyed Arthur’s piece on the Divine Right of Kings.  Thanks were due to the Mayor and for the tour of the room and  its contents.  The Barbecue was the best attended  for many years and Arthur praised all the Members, their wives and the Old Girls’ Association for all their efforts in the Evening’s success.  The Autumn event, a nostalgic Vinyl Evening, was appreciated by those who attended and Peter Picken was thanked for organising the fish supper.  That is what keeps the Carolians a vibrant Association, with many Members contrhe new ibuting.   Arthur concluded by saying, he had really enjoyed his Year and gave the new President Stephen Wyre, all best wishes for an equally successful year in office.  Arthur  presented Stephen with his Chain of Office.  Arthur also thanked Tim Gulliver, Peter Picken, and Norman Broadfield for their help during the year and presented them with special Emma Bridgwater mugs  as a token of friendship and thanks.

Peter Picken presented the Association’s accounts for the year.  Subs had been up by £192 and Peter Guy and Norman had been mainly responsible for this improvement.  DVD and tie sales continued, while the Barbecue and the Autumn events had all made profits.  The Dinner had been a huge success.  Peter had just paid the Bill for the Magazine, a total of £1854, including postage of £325. Postage in England is £1.50 each, and £5.30 to foreign lands.  Thanks were especially due to Steven Brownlow for posting 200 Magazines via the school post and to Members who hand delivered copies.  Peter and Auditor Tony Kidd were thanked for all their efforts.  Martin Easton then reported on Education Grants.   Cheques had gone out to students and there were 13 at £100 each.  The Meeting then approved the Calendar of Carolian events and meetings for 2019 – 2020.

Election of Officers. Thanks were expressed from new President Stephen Wyre for the honour which the Association had bestowed on him.  He promised to work tirelessly in the Association’s cause.  He said his father had been a Past President of the Association and this was a matter of huge pride for him.  Stephen had attended the Grammar School at Woodfield and had then transferred to the joint Comprehensive on Chester Road South.  He had fond memories of both places and said there were a lot more opportunities at King Charles School today.  He ended  by  thanking the Association again for electing him and thanked Arthur for an excellent year in Office.   There was a period of noisy applause.  The following Officers were then approved and elected.

Vice President.  Martin (Max) Wall.   Junior Vice President. Laura Hutchins Payne.

There were no objections to the other Association officers and these were elected.

Secretary -Tim Gulliver.  Treasurer-Peter Picken.  Auditor-Tony Kidd.  Membership Secretary-Peter Guy.  Magazine Editor-Norman Broadfield.  Website-David Slater.

The following were elected onto the Committee.

CharArthur Miller.  Dave Laverty.  Ian Sandall.  Richard Woolley.  Ken Ryder.  Ann Mullard.  Peter Vaughan.  Joel Douglas.  Colin Lloyd.  Martin Easton.  Martin Hobson.  Roger Perrin.  Pat Yarnold.  Charlie Coombs.  Steven Brownlow, (Head teacher  ex Officio.) Two younger Members were also elected  -  Anthony Williams, and Stuart Harris.


Other Business.  Dave Allen, President of Queen Elizabeth , Hartlebury, Association had passed away.  A trip  to the Tutankhamun London Exhibition was being organised in conjunction with KHSOG and possibly to the Welshpool Railway.  A letter of condolence would be sent to the family of Charles Talbot who had also recently passed away.   Enormous thanks were expressed finally to Norman for his production of the Association Magazine.  This remains a stupendous and unique yearly achievement.  The Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

OCA's Chief Political Correspondent: Peter Vaughan ("Class of 54")