A new version of the Assocition's website launched in January 2010.

A new version of the Association's website

Posted on Thu 21 January 2010

At their meeting held on 20th January 2010 the Association's Committee agreed to go live with a new version of the Association's website.

For those members of the Association who may not be too familiar with the functionality of modern websites, this new version has two principal levels of navigation. Level 1 is shown as a blue horizontal bar across the screen. At present, three of the tabs (i.e. News, History &About Us) will drop down to sub-divisions at Level 2.   For example, click on "About Us" when you can then choose to view "Origins of the Association", "Committee", "Membership"," Association Rules" or "Sponsors".

"Latest news" and "Forthcoming events" are shown at the foot of all pages. Click on one of the subjects shown and you will be taken directly to the content of the chosen subject (e.g Honorary Life Membership Awards).

Photographs are often included within the text of an article. Those included, together with other supporting photographs relating to the article in question, can be viewed in the"Gallery". In the "Gallery" simply click on an icon (e.g 2009 Annual Dinner) which opens individual photographs of the event. Click on any second level photograph icon and this will, in turn, open an enlarged view of the photograph underscored with a brief description.

The Committee will be happy to receive suggestions for additional topics to be included on the website and these can be sent directly to us by using the email messaging facility provided in the "Contact Us" section at Level 1. We very much hope you will find the website easy to use and a source of valuable information concerning the membership and activities of the Association.