The annual Carolian Astronomy Society Martin Humphries Memorial Lecture will be held, via Zoom video conferencing, on Wednesday 10th March 2021.

The Carolian Astronomy Society Martin Humphries Memorial Lecture

“Reaction Engines: Unlocking the future of space access and hypersonic flight”
By Robin Davies (Head of Systems and Control) Reaction Engines Ltd

What if you could climb into a winged aircraft, take off horizontally and fly into space. Science fiction? No, today Reaction Engines Ltd are building the first prototype of a revolutionary air breathing rocket engine that will allow just that.

A single stage to orbit in a fully reusable spaceplane. The hypersonic SABRE engine is also applicable to high speed air transport, cutting the time to travel between London and Australia to around four hours.

This presentation will look at the engineering behind the project and show where we are going to make this engine a reality.

For those wishing to join the meeting please contact Roy Huzzard on "" for further details.